Northern Pacific 549

Northern Pacific Dome/Coach #549 
(WEBX #801045)


The 549 is certified for 110 mph operation and can travel anywhere in the U.S. Its operations are based out of Albany, NY.  The car features the following amenities that combine the original 1957 luxuries with modern conveniences to create a truly unique and memorable travel experience: 

  • Lounge seating for up to nine people

  • Dome lounge seating for up to twenty-four people

  • Coach seating for up to twenty-six people

  • Bathrooms

  • Bar

  • Generator (for power when not connected to a train)

  • Fully-equipped air conditioning and heating


Built in December of 1957 by the Budd Company of Philadelphia, PA, Northern Pacific dome/coach #549 was originally a “protect car,” used for coverage when one of the other dome/coach cars was out of service.

In 1970, the car was transferred to Burlington Northern, and was intended to become BN #4616. However, the new number was never applied, as the car was transferred to Amtrak #9476 in 1971.

In 1992, the car was sold to Inland Pacific Rail in Spokane, WA as INPX #549 Gold Creek. It was purchased by Webb Rail in 2018, and underwent an extensive restoration in New Orleans, LA. It rolled out of the shop in October of 2019.